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The Essex ‘Puritan Studies’ Conference (T.E.C.) has the goal of ‘DOING THEOLOGY’.
During the conference period there will be:
Open Air Preaching/Reformation Witness during the conference week.
Christian Heritage Ministry – to go and visit various memorable sites/areas and displays in the church hall
Guided Walking Tour of South bank/Bank side, Southwark(s-work) and the City of London (the golden Puritan square mile) – a London church historic study tool is used as well as a guided tour in Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedford, Cambridge, Suffolk, Norfolk, Midlands, Sussex, Bristol in England as well as Holland, Europe and USA D.V.
Introductory talks on English Puritans and their stories, followed by lectures from notable speakers with specialisms in the history of Puritans/Pilgrim Fathers, Protestant Martyrs and French Huguenots.
The Battle of Hastings and the Norman invasion of 1066 are basic English history lessons. But few are aware of the irregular and uncharted arrival of the French Huguenots (French-speaking Calvinists) in Kent during the Tudor, Stuart and Hanoverian times. It was a peaceful and large-scale immigration that took place over a long period of history in uncertain conditions.
T.E.C.(P.I.C. now) is aiming to be ‘A Beacon for England and to the World’ – 16th/17th century reference to Puritans and Pilgrims in Essex, Cambridge, and East Anglia the first.

Thursday 25 October 2018

  • 6pm – Christian Exhibition and Heritage Talks – Mr Stephen Toms, Essex Protestant Council
  • 7pm – Reformation Spirit in Essex and the Puritan influence on C. H. Spurgeon, G. Muller and John Wesley – Rev. Charles Scott-Pearson of Protestant Alliance
  • 8pm – The rise of Puritanism in Essex in relation to Richard J Rogers – Dr. Kenneth Brownell, East London Tabernacle & London Seminary

Friday 26 October 2018

  • 11am – Guided walking tour of Southwark and the City of London (the Golden Puritan Square-Mile) – Rev. David Min, Bridge Ministries London
  • 3pm – Lessons & tour of Huguenot’s Spitalfields
  • 5pm – Introductory talk on the Korean Bible Display & brush-written Bible portion and the Korean Puritan Church History & its influence on the world mission field. Piano, viola (played by Miss Grace Moon) and singing Psalms from the Anglo-Geneva Psalter,from Anglo-Geneva Psalter, Scottish Psalms and Korean Psalms – Rev. David Min 
  • 6pm – French Huguenots in Kent and their theologising life’s impact on Britain – Rev. Norman Hopkins, Pastor Training International
  • 7pm – John Owen’s firm influence to the nation from ‘Essex Radio’ – Rev. David Min
  • 8pm – The Life of Obadiah Sedgwick – John Owen’s Essex Predecessor – Rev. Gary Brady, Childs Hill Baptist Church & Evangelical Library

Saturday 27 October 2018

  • 11am – The Essex Protestant Martyrs in Pre-Puritan period up to the Nonconformist 17th century – Dr. David Allen, Trinitarian Bible Society
  • 1pm  – Dedham Puritans’ Influence and a taste of their Reformed Theological Lectures  in the 16th century – Dr. David Allen
  • 3pm – ‘John Laski, A Forgotten  Reformer’- Rev. Jerzy Siciarz, International Evangelical Church
  • 4pm – TEC Conference sending service – Rev. David Min

Sermon – Pastor Roland Brown, Forest Hall Evangelical Church

The commissioning of participants as Gospel workers – Dr. David Allen

Inside Out Ministry Display: Historic Old Bibles, Geneva Psalm Singing Sessions, Korean Church History Displays, Christian Martyrs Video, A Complete Korean-Brush-Written Bible Display, A Project on Bible writing to compile the Essex Bible, Study Tour visits to various Christian sites in London & Essex and Open Air Witness

  • Optional 5-day study tour of London, Cambridge, Bedford, Essex and Kent
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